The Most to Least Mysterious Myers-Briggs® Persona Sorts, Ranked

Have you ever ever questioned which of the 16 persona varieties is essentially the most mysterious? Many individuals have requested me this query, and I’ve been pondering it for some time. I’ve been an MBTI® practitioner for almost seven years and that has put me in contact with hundreds of people that wish to know extra about their personalities. I’ve additionally studied sort for twenty years and had my very own experiences throughout that point. With that in thoughts, I made a decision to create this put up based mostly on my experiences working as a practitioner and as a personality-focused content material creator. I additionally requested another consultants within the subject for his or her opinions to get just a little extra correct in my rating. Granted, there is no such thing as a definitive case examine exhibiting which varieties are *objectively* essentially the most mysterious. When you’ve got a unique opinion make sure you let me know within the feedback!

Let’s get began!

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What’s the Definition of Mysterious?

In response to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the phrase “Mysterious” is outlined as: “Unusual, not recognized, or not understood. Of, regarding, or constituting thriller.”

In my understanding, people who find themselves mysterious are extra non-public, onerous to learn, and depart you questioning what’s actually occurring their minds. They could be troublesome to get near, uncommon in expression, and with a little bit of an enigmatic high quality about them.

The Most Mysterious Myers-Briggs® Persona Sorts, Ranked

#16 – ESFJ

The ESFJ Defender

Whereas everybody can have an charisma no matter their sort, in my expertise ESFJs are the least mysterious. This doesn’t imply they depart all their playing cards on the desk, although. They’re simply pretty open about what they consider, why they consider it, and the way they’re feeling. As extroverted feeling varieties, they naturally categorical themselves, their emotions, and their values about issues. As Sensing-Judgers, their language tends to be matter-of-fact and straightforward to observe. Gregarious and heat, their abilities lie in supporting others and caring by way of sensible effort and emotional understanding. These are varieties that really go the additional mile for his or her communities and family members.

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#15 – ENTP

ENTP 15th most mysterious personality type

These ingenious, creative persona varieties can actually be intriguing, however they don’t typically maintain an charisma round them. ENTPs love sharing concepts, pursuits, and prospects with different individuals. They’ve a present for connecting with individuals, troubleshooting, debating, and serving to. Psychologist Linda Berens says that ENTPs are the one Pondering persona sort with the Get-Things-Going™ interplay type. Which means that they’ve a drive to get others concerned and luxuriate in exploring choices, sharing insights, facilitating, and catalyzing. Whereas not essentially mysterious, I feel we will all agree that their vitality and inventiveness is indispensable.

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#14 – ESFP

ESFP champion. 14th most mysterious personality type. #ESFP

These varieties are recognized for his or her zestful, spontaneous outlook on life. They’re naturally curious, extroverted individuals who love interacting with others and experiencing new issues. They have an inclination to make use of humor and down-to-earth banter to encourage others to chill out and be their most true and sincere selves. And whereas they is probably not one of the mysterious persona varieties, individuals typically assume they know them higher than they really do. ESFPs have a way of depth and privateness round their deeper feelings that isn’t all the time straightforward to entry.

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#13 – ENFJ

ENFJ the 13th most mysterious personality type

Generally known as the “Mentors,” ENFJs are full of heat, empathy and understanding. They typically prioritize others’ wants over their very own and make it a degree to attach with people on an emotional stage. Studying how individuals “tick” is among the most gratifying hobbies to this kind, and so they often want to do that one-on-one. Whereas they’re not the most mysterious persona sort, generally their insights and predictions can appear nearly supernatural or uncanny. They’ve a capability to conceptualize an finish outcome or consequence after which work backwards in direction of it. This may result in pondering that appears forward of its time, or at the least far past what somebody would have thought “regular.”

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#12 – ESTJ

ESTJ captain is the 12th most mysterious personality type

The ESTJ “Captains” are recognized for his or her commanding, organized, and dependable lifestyle. They’ve a pure drive to perform objectives and can manage their lives round productiveness, stability, and neighborhood. Whereas they are often talkative within the office and naturally take cost, they’re extra guarded about their emotions and feelings. It’s possible you’ll work with an ESTJ for a few years and probably not really feel like them on a deeper stage. They worth being composed and in-control and it may possibly take some time for them to let down their guard and categorical their true selves.

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#11 – ENFP

ENFP visionary

The ENFP “visionaries” are recognized for his or her friendliness, creativity, and creativeness. As one of many Get-Things-Going™ persona varieties, they’re naturally expressive, energetic, and fascinating. They’ve a drive to contain individuals and embrace them of their ever-expanding set of concepts and prospects. Whereas this vitality could be fascinating, ENFPs do generally tend to maintain some elements of themselves hidden away. As a result of they’ve introverted feeling of their perform stack, they are often very non-public about their inside values and beliefs. They typically have to know somebody for a very long time earlier than they open up about their deeper emotions.

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#10 – ESTP

ESTP Daredevil

ESTPs are sometimes known as the “Doers” on account of their love of motion and fervour for journey. They thrive in fast-paced environments, can assume rapidly on their toes, and have a knack for seizing alternatives. Whereas they’re not essentially mysterious, generally their vitality and charisma could make them appear bigger than life. ESTPs are typically extra non-public about their feelings and emotions besides with people who find themselves very near them; like important others. Additionally they don’t externalize their ideas as quickly as many different varieties; preferring to course of their pondering by way of motion slightly than by way of lectures and long-winded dialogues.

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#9 – ENTJ

The ENTJ Director

Like ESTJs, ENTJs have a drive to perform objectives and make fast selections. But in contrast to ESTJs, ENTJs are intuitives who can typically sense the potential of a scenario earlier than there’s any tangible proof. Their out-of-the field pondering permits them to transcend the right here and now, envisioning future prospects that always appear perplexing to others. These summary predictions can generally seem mysterious as it’s not all the time clear how they got here to their conclusions. On prime of that, getting an ENTJ to speak about their emotions could be like attempting to coax a tiger out of the jungle. It’s pretty widespread for ENTJs to know lots of people however solely actually divulge heart’s contents to one or two.

#8 – ISFJ

The ISFJ Protector

Supportive and personal, ISFJs are sometimes the defenders of their communities and relationships. They’ve an aura of gentleness and endurance about them, and sometimes mirror and take into account slightly than blurting out their ideas. As introverts, they want quite a lot of alone time to recharge; and in dialog they could flip the subjects again to the opposite individual slightly than sharing particulars about themselves. Though they’re neighborhood minded, many occasions they work within the background slightly than taking cost or main (after all, this isn’t all the time the case). Of their closest relationships they are often open and weak, however they are typically extremely selective about who they permit into this inside circle.

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#7 – ISTJ

ISTJ The Detective

Because the “detectives” of the Myers-Briggs® persona varieties, ISTJs have a watch for element and a quiet, observant aura. They consider in outlining a plan, managing logistics, and giving steerage. Others typically see them as sources of quiet energy and knowledge, however they’re notoriously troublesome to get to know. ISTJs are non-public, analytical people who could not all the time communicate up or share their emotions; leaving them someplace between mysterious and unapproachable. It might take a very long time to get to know an ISTJ on a deeper stage, however the extremely selective course of is value it if you do. I did rank ISTJs as one of many much less mysterious introverted persona varieties, as a result of as Sensing-Judgers they’ve a reasonably grounded, matter-of-fact outlook on life. Whereas they’re certainly quiet and reserved, it’s often straightforward to understand what they’re attempting to specific in a simple method.

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#6 – INTP

The INTP Prodigy

Because the “prodigies” of MBTI®, INTPs are sometimes seen as cerebral and philosophical. They take pleasure in studying about how the world works and uncovering the truths of the universe. Whereas they are often fairly talkative when exploring theories that curiosity them, in day-to-day conditions they are typically quiet and unassuming. Whereas others make chit-chat, they have an inclination to watch and analyze as a substitute. This may typically depart them seeming mysterious to their extra outgoing counterparts. It might take some time for them to open up about deeper emotions, and as intuitives, generally their theories and pursuits appear unconventional and particularly advanced.

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#5 – ISTP

The ISTP Vigilante type

I ranked ISTPs as extra mysterious than INTPs just because they are typically far much less talkative (and INTPs aren’t that talkative to start with). Myself and different typologists I’ve recognized have observed that ISTPs and ISFPs appear to be the least talkative of all of the persona varieties. And since ISTPs like to be concise, they’ll boil down a one-hour lecture into a number of transient sentences. Their drive is to grasp the world, nature, and objects and determine how they work. Much more analytical than expressive, they have an inclination to internalize their thought processes and categorical themselves extra by way of motion than phrases. After they do communicate, they are saying solely what’s wanted and barely extrapolate or ramble. This may make them onerous to get to know and provides them an enigmatic, mysterious high quality.

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#4 – INFP

The INFP Dreamer

Because the “dreamers” of the Myers-Briggs® persona varieties, INFPs could be onerous to grasp. They are typically very passionate people who find themselves pushed by their very own inside values and beliefs. Whereas they are often talkative when summary subjects are on the forefront, they have an inclination to clam up throughout most day-to-day discussions. They’d slightly discover the which means of altruism or geek out about their favourite books than focus on the climate or the newest fashions. INFPs are additionally non-public, tending to maintain their innermost ideas and emotions to themselves. Attributable to their individualistic nature and their intuitive bent, they take pleasure in pondering exterior the field, exploring unconventional subjects, and dreaming up prospects that many would discover too “outlandish.” However this similar imaginative high quality is what makes them so fascinating and mysterious; they’re not like most individuals you meet, and so they (often) don’t have any need to be.

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#3 – INTJ

The INTJ Strategist

Generally known as the “Strategists” of the world, INTJs have a popularity for being mysterious and onerous to get to know. Like INFJs, they’re fixated on patterns, insights, and symbolic imagery. They will sense ripple-effects and discern how varied occasions will play out in time. Some persons are startled by their perceptiveness, whereas others could also be postpone by their dry and generally reducing humor. I selected INTJs as one of the mysterious sort as a result of, not solely are they pushed by a perform that many wrestle to grasp (introverted instinct), they’re additionally deeply non-public about their private emotions and feelings. It may be extraordinarily troublesome to know the way an INTJ feels about issues, even when you’ve got recognized one for fairly some time. Whereas they are often wonderful guides and mentors, particularly on the subject of strategic planning or understanding summary ideas, there all the time appears to be a cloak of secrecy surrounding their emotions. It’s no marvel that so many individuals are each intrigued and intimidated by INTJs!

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#2- ISFP

The ISFP Virtuoso

I’m choosing ISFPs as one of the mysterious persona varieties as a result of they’re just so darn…quiet. Time and time once more I’ve observed in profiling classes that ISFPs are the toughest people to get to speak about something. Nonetheless, I don’t imply this as a criticism. Generally the quiet, observant nature of the ISFP is refreshing. However there’s one thing so enigmatic about these varieties you could’t assist however need them to open up extra. As introverted feeling varieties, they exude a quiet conviction about what they consider is true and fallacious however they’re much less more likely to verbalize it. Whereas FJ persona varieties verbally categorical their values and purpose to provide quite a lot of verbal suggestions and affirmation, ISFPs could be glad staying quiet for lengthy durations of time, even when surrounded by individuals. And whereas ISFPs are sensors, they don’t verbalize the main points of their day in the identical style that Sensing-Judgers sometimes do. They take pleasure in observing the world in a quiet, intense approach that leaves one questioning concerning the mysteries occurring inside their minds. They see greater than anybody realizes and sometimes choose up issues about individuals which are uncanny. And whereas ISFPs are sensors, they’re additionally deeply in contact with their intuitive facet. They typically have a novel curiosity in mystical or non secular issues (this may differ from one ISFP to the following after all). General, ISFPs don’t thoughts being a thriller, in truth they typically want it.

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#1 – INFJ

The INFJ Mystic

Sometimes called the “Mystics”, INFJs are fascinated with the world of the summary and the intangible. As introverted intuitives they convey a way of figuring out and perception that may be nearly otherworldly. Somebody may be fighting some non-public torment, pondering they’re hiding it fairly properly, and the INFJ will appear to magically know what’s fallacious with out the individual having stated a phrase. Due to their introverted instinct, INFJs typically assume in symbols and metaphors, utilizing summary language that may be onerous to observe for these not accustomed to it. They’re additionally non-public and onerous to get to know, preferring one-on-one relationships with intimate mates than massive social gatherings. Though INFJs want to be understood, it may be troublesome for them to articulate their ideas as a result of they’re so summary in nature. Many INFJs look like mysterious and even secretive, as if they’re holding one thing again. It’s not that INFJs are intentionally hiding issues, however slightly the best way their minds work – it typically seems that there’s extra occurring beneath the floor than meets the attention.

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What Are Your Ideas?

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