Selfmade Oats & Honey Cereal

Nourishing recipe for selfmade oats & honey cereal as a wholesome breakfast various to overly processed, industrial manufacturers together with these utilizing natural components.

homemade oats and honey breakfast cereal in white bowl with milk

Realizing the best way to make wholesome chilly breakfast cereal is a crucial ability as industrial variations are a few of the most poisonous processed meals in the marketplace.

Some persons are shocked to study that actually ALL chilly breakfast cereal manufacturers are unhealthy.

This consists of natural manufacturers which have only a few components listed on the dietary label.

Why is that this?

It’s the processing of chilly breakfast cereal that’s an important situation. It’s not simply concerning the components, though these are actually vital too.

The violent manufacturing facility extrusion of grains required to make boxed cereal destroys the integrity of the protein molecules.

Consuming these items is basically akin to “allergy symptoms in a bowl”.

Taking chilly breakfast cereal out of the food regimen is difficult, nonetheless, as they’re very handy and extremely addictive.

Thus, you’ll seemingly want some methods within the device bag to wean your self off. In my expertise, selfmade variations are an efficient strategy to eradicate them for good.

You’ll find this recipe for oats and honey cereal under to be extraordinarily filling fairly in contrast to the expertise of business manufacturers which can be simple to overeat and don’t maintain you feeling full for very lengthy.

Love the concept of constructing your personal chilly breakfast cereal? Listed here are extra recipe ideas to attempt along with the oats & honey recipe under.

homemade oats and honey breakfast cereal in a bowl with milk

Selfmade Oats & Honey Breakfast Cereal

Nourishing recipe for selfmade oats & honey cereal as a wholesome breakfast various to overly processed, industrial manufacturers together with these utilizing natural components.

Whole Time 4 hours 20 minutes


  1. In a big pot, carry water and sea salt to a boil.

  2. Stir in sprouted oats. Cut back warmth to low, cowl with cracked lid and simmer till gentle, about 10 minutes.

  3. Grease two massive cookie sheets with expeller pressed coconut oil.

  4. Take away cooked oatmeal from the pot and unfold out very thinly onto cookie sheets.

  5. Place cookie sheets in preheated 250 °F/ 121 °C oven and toast for two hours.

  6. Take away cookie sheets from oven and utilizing a spatula, rigorously flip the toasted oatmeal to the untoasted aspect.

  7. Place cookie sheets again within the oven and toast for 2 extra hours.

  8. Take away cookie sheets and take a look at the consistency of the cereal. If it isn’t absolutely dried, flip the cereal once more and proceed to toast for 2 extra hours.

  9. Take away cookie sheets from the oven and funky for quarter-hour.

  10. Take away toasted oatmeal from the cookie sheets and pulse in two batches within the meals processor till cereal consistency.

  11. Place completed cereal in a container with a lid and refrigerate.

  12. Take pleasure in a half cup in a bowl drizzled with 1 tsp of uncooked honey and entire milk. Add raisins, sliced banana, soaked nuts or soaked seeds if desired.

Recipe Notes

You could substitute virgin coconut oil as an alternative of (flavorless) expeller pressed coconut oil on this recipe, however it can seemingly add a slight coconut taste to the cereal.

Diet Info

Selfmade Oats & Honey Breakfast Cereal

Quantity Per Serving (0.5 cup)

Energy 148
Energy from Fats 32

{75d954d2146f985c5b66d5016801df5bb38447ce203fe2fdd7ac37d1ca31f8c2} Each day Worth*

Fats 3.5g5{75d954d2146f985c5b66d5016801df5bb38447ce203fe2fdd7ac37d1ca31f8c2}

Saturated Fats 1g5{75d954d2146f985c5b66d5016801df5bb38447ce203fe2fdd7ac37d1ca31f8c2}

Sodium 139mg6{75d954d2146f985c5b66d5016801df5bb38447ce203fe2fdd7ac37d1ca31f8c2}

Potassium 150mg4{75d954d2146f985c5b66d5016801df5bb38447ce203fe2fdd7ac37d1ca31f8c2}

Carbohydrates 23g8{75d954d2146f985c5b66d5016801df5bb38447ce203fe2fdd7ac37d1ca31f8c2}

Fiber 4g16{75d954d2146f985c5b66d5016801df5bb38447ce203fe2fdd7ac37d1ca31f8c2}

Protein 6g12{75d954d2146f985c5b66d5016801df5bb38447ce203fe2fdd7ac37d1ca31f8c2}

Calcium 19mg2{75d954d2146f985c5b66d5016801df5bb38447ce203fe2fdd7ac37d1ca31f8c2}

Iron 2mg11{75d954d2146f985c5b66d5016801df5bb38447ce203fe2fdd7ac37d1ca31f8c2}

* P.c Each day Values are based mostly on a 2000 calorie food regimen.

healthy oats and honey cereal with banana and carafe of milk on table