Poison-free Floor Bees Nest Removing

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A straightforward and secure technique for eradicating an underground yellow jacket or hornet’s nest with no poison and no danger of stings to you!

yellow jackets flying out of ground nest hole in the soil

My latest article on eradicating wasp nests utilizing a brown paper bag resulted in a number of requests about do the identical for hornets and yellow jackets.

In contrast to wasps, which usually construct their nests in timber or the eaves of a roof, hornets and yellow jackets are sneakier, favoring underground places.

A gap within the floor the place the bugs come and go is the one proof that an enormous nest may very well be lurking beneath the soil!

Typical Technique for “Floor Bees”

Just a few years in the past, there was a big yellow jacket nest underground on the property line between our dwelling and my neighbor.

It was a giant danger for somebody to inadvertently disturb the nest and get stung whereas mowing or doing yard work.

Clearly, the nest wanted to be eliminated straight away.

My neighbor, who’s an skilled and credentialed biologist, thought it might be handiest to make use of chemical substances.

He donned a bee go well with for defense and utilized the combo into the outlet in the course of the night time when the yellow jackets have been least energetic.

It took a number of purposes earlier than the nest was absolutely eradicated.

Evidently, neither of us was comfortable to be utilizing chemical substances. We simply didn’t know of one other technique on the time.

Because it seems, there’s a straightforward strategy to do away with floor nests….poison-free!

I’ll undoubtedly be utilizing this strategy sooner or later.

Poison-Free Nest Removing

I not too long ago turned conscious of take away floor hornets and yellow jackets with out chemical substances. This tip is from Rachel, a reader buddy who commented on the wasp nest article.

She wrote (reprinted with permission):

A neighbor advised me a beautiful answer for eliminating floor bees (yellow jackets, and so forth) that construct nests underground.

He simply pops a marshmellow or one thing candy (granola bar, and so forth.) into the outlet within the night, and that draws the skunks, which then fortunately eradicate the nest, as they take into account bees a delicacy!

I attempted this when yellow jackets nested in a raised mattress; inside a number of nights, they have been gone!

What a implausible concept! The one catch is that you should have skunks or some associated species of stink badgers in your group.

Animals That Eat Hornets and Yellow Jackets

Since we don’t have plenty of skunks in my group anymore as a result of fast improvement of the final decade or so, I initially didn’t suppose this technique would work effectively for me.

Nevertheless, after doing extra analysis, I discovered that raccoons and armadillos can even fortunately eat up a floor nest filled with hornets or yellow jackets! (1)

We have now A LOT of these critters.

Thus, for those who don’t have skunks round to make use of the granola bar strategy, attempt a can of pet meals to herald the raccoons!

Moist pet meals will actually entice raccoons, in my expertise. I’ve used this strategy to humanely entice them in the event that they have been threatening my laying chickens previously.

In the event you favor to keep away from attracting raccoons as they’ll get into hen coops, attempt utilizing overripe fruit, mealworms, or spoiled meat to draw armadillos.

These closely armored mammals with a protracted snout received’t assault yard chickens. (2)

Bear in mind that black bears like floor bee nests too.

So, measures to draw skunks, raccoons, or armadillos might inadvertently invite bears to the occasion for those who reside in a rural space.

For areas of the world with out raccoons, armadillos, and skunks, it’s good to know that domesticated geese can even fortunately eat up a floor hornet or yellow jacket nest! (3)

Avoiding Stings

In the event you determine to do this technique, be sure you put the bait within the nest gap at night time when the hornets or yellow jackets are dormant.

This can nearly eradicate your danger of stings.

Chances are you’ll must repeat the method for a number of nights in a row for full removing.

Fall is a superb time to deal with floor bee nests which have cropped up in the course of the hotter months.

I hope this technique is useful to a few of you grappling with eradicate them safely with out poison!

sign warning of active hornets nest requiring chemical-free removal


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