How Nervousness Security Behaviors Can Backfire

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In the event you wrestle with nervousness, do you might have security behaviors? Security behaviors are stuff you do to guard your self from no matter makes you anxious. They’re widespread throughout all nervousness points.

Provided that most individuals don’t prefer to really feel anxious, it is smart that you’d wish to do issues to maintain your self secure and push back nervousness.

The Drawback With Security Behaviors

Whereas security behaviors may be efficient within the quick time period to make you are feeling extra snug, they get in your method of feeling much less anxious sooner or later.

The best way to successfully cope with nervousness is by educating your self you could cope and don’t must keep away from or change your habits to cope with the nervousness.

Security behaviors do the precise reverse. Doing them is like telling your self that it’s essential to change your habits to accommodate your nervousness since you can not deal with it. It feeds straight into your nervousness and in the end strengthens it.

Frequent Security Behaviors Throughout Nervousness Points

One widespread security habits seen throughout most nervousness issues is avoiding anxiety-related conditions. Listed here are another examples.

Social nervousness:

  • Avoiding eye contact; being in your cellphone throughout social conditions
  • Asking numerous questions in social conditions to deflect consideration from your self
  • Sitting at the back of the classroom or at different occasions
  • Over-preparing for displays; re-reading emails or texts earlier than you ship them
  • Mentally rehearsing conversations earlier than they happen
  • Utilizing alcohol or different medicine to lower nervousness in social conditions

Panic Assaults:

  • Monitoring your physique mentally or by excessively checking pulse or blood stress
  • Having anti-anxiety drugs with you always in case an assault happens
  • Avoiding going into sure conditions alone, needing somebody to accompany you
  • Creating an escape plan for feared conditions
  • Sitting within the again (e.g., in school, within the theater) of feared conditions

Generalized Nervousness and Fear:

  • Asking for lots of reassurance that every thing can be okay
  • Over-preparing to keep away from the worst-case state of affairs
  • Contacting a beloved one often to test on their well being or security
  • Utilizing fear to arrange, for management, or to stop dangerous issues from occurring

Obsessive Compulsive Signs:

  • Asking for reassurance from others
  • Appearing on compulsions (e.g., checking, washing/cleansing) to counteract a foul factor from occurring

Trauma-Associated Nervousness:

  • Being overly cautious
  • Creating an escape plan for any state of affairs
  • Staying awake too lengthy to make sure your private home is secure
  • Being excessively conscious of environment always

Well being Nervousness:

  • Excessively specializing in and monitoring physique signs
  • Asking for reassurance from others
  • Looking the web for signs
  • Misusing physician’s appointments (going an excessive amount of or avoiding going)

Easy methods to Cut back Your Reliance on Security Behaviors

Listed here are some steps to scale back your reliance on security behaviors:

  1. Assess your security behaviors. Ask your self what forms of conditions or issues are inclined to trigger you nervousness. Then, be aware of your behaviors to handle the state of affairs. If you’re not sure if it’s a productive or unproductive habits, you possibly can ask your self, if somebody didn’t have points with nervousness, would they be doing this habits? If the reply isn’t any, it’s most likely a habits that will be useful to work on lowering.
  2. Ask your self about what you worth. How have your nervousness and associated security behaviors gotten in the best way of the stuff you discover vital and significant? Do you wish to be in a relationship however keep away from courting apps and social conditions the place you would possibly meet somebody? Do you worth being wholesome however keep away from going to the physician’s workplace for concern of getting dangerous information? Being conscious of your values might help encourage you to make modifications.
  3. Cut back your security behaviors. Think about which security behaviors you could possibly cut back or remove. Think about the simplest to deal with in the event you interact in a number of security behaviors. You can even work on delaying urges to do a security habits. For instance, if you wish to test the locks or seek for a symptom on-line, ask your self in the event you can delay it for at the very least a couple of minutes. Then you possibly can work your method up from there. In the event you pay an excessive amount of consideration to physique sensations, you could possibly work on redirecting your consideration to one thing exterior of your physique. You can even set small targets for your self. For instance, if you wish to keep away from a work-related networking occasion, you could possibly inform your self that you simply solely must go for a half hour.
  4. Give your self optimistic reinforcement. Be sure to acknowledge any modifications you can also make, irrespective of how small. In the event you give into utilizing a security habits, reasonably than berate your self, ask your self what bought in your method and what you are able to do in a different way subsequent time.

Get Again Into Your Life

Decreasing behaviors that feed into your nervousness will loosen the grip nervousness has in your life. Though security behaviors make it easier to keep away from short-term nervousness, they in the end reinforce it. Small modifications can usually construct one another and help you in the long term. The outcome may be a extra fulfilling and significant life.