Here is the Anime Villain You’d Be, Primarily based On Your Myers-Briggs® Character Kind

Wish to get a glimpse at your villainous facet? In in the present day’s article, we’re exploring the anime villains with every Myers-Briggs® persona sort. However don’t worry, simply because some dangerous guys on the market have your persona sort, this doesn’t imply you’ll have the identical tendencies!

Disclaimer: As an MBTI® practitioner, I can’t really sit throughout from any of those dangerous guys and profile them. All I can do is watch their exhibits and spot clues and patterns and guess at their sort. As at all times, you probably have one other perspective, remember to let me know within the feedback!

Let’s get began!

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Right here’s the Anime Villain You’d Be, Primarily based On Your Myers-Briggs® Character Kind

Tsukiyama Shuu (Tokyo Ghoul) – ESFP

Tsukiyama Shuu ESFP

“You don’t have to blame your self simply since you’ve harm somebody, similar to while you’re strolling you’ll be able to’t actually blame your self to crush some ants…that’s what being stronger ones means.” – Tsukiyama Shuu

Tsukiyama Shuu from Tokyo Ghoul is a traditional ESFP. He’s an enthralling, outgoing particular person who loves the finer issues in life. He’s additionally extremely social, usually utilizing his charisma to get no matter he needs. Though he could be ruthless and manipulative when mandatory, Tsukiyama nonetheless has an easy-going, even pleasant, persona. He likes to be round individuals and is impressed by sensory exploits. Like most unhealthy ESFPs, Tsukiyama is impulsive and pushed by the pursuit of delight. Tsukiyama lives as much as Carl Jung’s definition of the Extraverted Sensing sort. Jung said, “He (the Extraverted Sensing sort) is in no way unlovable; quite the opposite, his energetic capability for enjoyment makes him excellent firm; he’s normally a jolly fellow, and typically a refined aesthete.” Shuu is certainly a “refined aesthete”, eager for essentially the most delectable tastes that life has to supply. This longing for pleasure usually leads him to commit heinous acts in pursuit of his wishes – making him a formidable, but, admittedly amusing, anime villain.

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Marshall D. Train/Captain Blackbeard (One Piece) – ENFP

Captain Blackbeard ENFP

“Dwell or die… all of it comes right down to heavenly destiny.” – Captain Blackbeard

Free-spirited and pushed, Blackbeard is the right instance of an ENFP villain. He has grand ambitions and can do no matter it takes to attain them. His mission in life is to develop into the Pirate King, a purpose he pursues with ardour and enthusiasm. In typical ENFP trend, Blackbeard could be unpredictable and wild, however he additionally possesses a strategic thoughts and a capability to identify patterns as a way to know the suitable second to leap on a chance. He seems free-spirited and versatile, like a typical Perceiver, however he is also calculating and affected person, using his tertiary Extraverted Considering (Te) to prepare strategic plans. His ENFP persona makes him an intimidating opponent who additionally has a aptitude for the dramatic – he could be charming and persuasive, but in addition ruthless when wanted.

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Hisoka Morow (Hunter X Hunter) – ESTP

ESTP Hisoka Morow

“My best pleasure comes when such individuals buckle to their knees and I look down upon their disbelieving faces as their plans fail.” – Hisoka Morow

Thrill-seeking and intelligent, Hisoka Morow exemplifies an ESTP villain. Hisoka is a wild card, at all times on the lookout for the following harmful sport to play. He revels in dangerous conditions and loves new bodily and psychological challenges. Like most Sensing-Perceivers, Hisoka lives for the second and enjoys maximizing his personal pleasure. He’s an opportunist with a extremely analytical thoughts and the power to successfully change methods at a second’s discover. He prefers to not be tied down by morality or custom, as a substitute counting on his fast wits and loopy antics to get the job performed. It’s Hisoka’s willingness to take dangers and his eager eye for element that make him such a formidable villain. His Sensing-Perceiving persona sort permits him to remain one step forward of the sport, at all times prepared with a brand new plan when his final one fails. Hisoka’s wily exploits will hold any viewer glued to their seats in anticipation of what he’ll do subsequent.

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Mahito (Jujutsu Kaisen) – ENTP

ENTP Mahito

“Because of the hate spewed between individuals…I used to be born.” – Mahito

Mahito is the embodiment of the playful and charming villain. He has a pure potential to trigger chaos and destruction, all whereas carrying a pleasant smile. His ENTP persona sort makes him crafty and artistic in developing with new methods to outwit his opponents – he’s at all times on the lookout for methods to realize the higher hand. Behind his cheerful demeanor lies an bold thoughts that’s consistently trying to find data and understanding of the world. Toying with philosophical concepts gratifies him, and he makes use of his obsession with souls to experiment on human victims as a way to grasp additional data and perception. Mahito isn’t afraid to problem standard knowledge and push the boundaries of what’s accepted. He might be categorised as a “chaotic evil” because of his love of destruction and chaos, however he’s additionally very smart which supplies him an edge in opposition to his opponents. Mahito might seem pleasant, however don’t let that idiot you – he’s a harmful villain who will cease at nothing to attain his targets.

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Chizome Akaguro “Hero Killer Stain” – ISFP (My Hero Academia)

ISFP Chizome Akaguro

 “It doesn’t matter what you wish to accomplish, it’s essential to have conviction and need. These with out it and people who are weak will likely be weeded out. It’s solely pure.” – Chizome Akaguro

Each motion that Chizome “Stain” takes is pushed by a way of conviction and rightness. He’s a traditional ISFP villain, guided by his personal private beliefs and morality. Stain believes that society must be purified of those that don’t share his similar convictions, so he takes it upon himself to rid the world of any impure individuals. His mission is fueled by ardour and emotion – he seeks justice for these he believes are wronged and justice for himself. When confronted with opposition, Stain by no means wavers in his mission or exhibits worry; he stands by his convictions it doesn’t matter what. He stands in opposition to those that don’t comply with his beliefs, even when meaning going in opposition to highly effective forces. Stain’s private code of justice make him a fierce opponent who is not going to again down till he will get what he wishes.

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Zeref Dragneel (Fairy Tail) – INFP

INFP Zeref Dragneel

“I’ve lived for a lot of centuries and watched the rise and fall of various ages. Individuals hate and evil causes battle, however I’m trying ahead to a brand new age that can purify all of this. What number of instances has this occurred…the place individuals make the identical mistake over and over?” – Zeref Dragneel

The strongest, most evil Mage of all time, Zeref Dragneel from Fairy Tail is the traditional INFP on the sting. He’s an introspective and delicate particular person, usually overwhelmed by the feelings of others. Though he has performed many atrocious acts, he isn’t a villain with no conscience. He isolates himself, hoping he’ll die alone to atone for his sins, but nonetheless hoping to see the world develop into a greater place. His inside turmoil is obvious in all the things he does; whereas he strives to make the world a greater place, his powers unleash destruction when not managed. He’s compassionate and understanding in direction of those that endure because of his energy, but unable to regulate it himself. Like many INFPs, Zeref has a robust sense of private morality; he longs for a greater, extra righteous world and can do something he can to make it occur. Regardless of his darkish previous, Zeref’s inside battle makes him probably the most sympathetic villains in anime.

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Coyote Starrk (Bleach) – ISTP

ISTP Coyote Starrk

“No selection then. I hate the phrase ‘deathblow’, however right here comes the deathblow.” – Coyote Starrk

Detached and unconcerned, Coyote Starrk from Bleach is a traditional ISTP. He’s a particularly highly effective villain, however he’s not particularly motivated. He doesn’t really feel compelled to guide others, and would favor to lounge round in mattress as a lot as potential. In battle, he’s analytical and stand-offish, observing his opponent’s strikes and on the lookout for distinctive challenges (which he hopes he’ll discover). Starrk can be a sympathetic villain; deep down he craves friendship, however his mere presence ends in others’ dying, so he is aware of he should hold his distance. His indifferent nature provides him an air of secrecy, and his calm demeanor usually leads individuals to underestimate him. However beneath that exterior lies a crafty and clever particular person who misses nothing. He’s additionally extremely adaptable, consistently altering ways as a way to acquire the higher hand in battle.

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Orochimaru (Naruto) – INTP

INTP Orochimaru

“My purpose is to unlock the reality about all issues on this world.” – Orochimaru

Cautious and calculated, Orochimaru is the traditional instance of an INTP villain. He’s very smart and at all times on the lookout for methods to increase his data. In typical INTP trend, his final purpose is to unlock the entire world’s secrets and techniques. He’s analytical and likes to experiment with new concepts, even in terms of unorthodox strategies like human experimentation. His thirst for data usually leads him down darkish paths, as he’ll do no matter it takes to grasp the world round him. He’s additionally suspicious of others and distrustful of authority, believing that nobody can perceive the reality apart from himself. Ochimaru’s INTP traits make him an unpredictable villain who’s a couple of steps forward of his opponents. His crafty thoughts and thirst for data make him a harmful adversary.

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Reiner Braun (Assault on Titan) – ESFJ

ESFJ Reiner Braun

“If I crush the satan on Paradis, I’ll save the world, then my dad and mom will likely be proud to have me as a son.” – Reiner Braun

Reiner Braun from Assault on Titan is certainly one of my favourite villains, and a transparent ESFJ. He’s loyal to a fault and loves his comrades deeply, however he’ll do something to guard the individuals of his homeland, even when it means going in opposition to those closest to him. In typical ESFJ trend, he’s caring and supportive; usually showing because the reliable massive brother of the group. He’s additionally pragmatic and no-nonsense, realizing instinctively the best way to assist and handle individuals whereas listening to particulars that others miss. Braun has an idealized notion of heroism; he believes that by sacrificing himself, he could be seen as a hero and convey glory to his household. Braun usually sacrifices himself as a way to guarantee that everybody else is secure. That is an usually ignored high quality of ESFJ personalities; they may usually put their very own wants apart as a way to prioritize the well-being of others. Whereas his strategies and targets could also be questionable, Braun’s dedication to defending his homeland make him a robust, but sympathetic villain.

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Isabella “Mother” (The Promised Neverland) – ENFJ

ENFJ Isabella Promised Neverland

“I want I may have simply beloved them usually.” – Mother

Mother from The Promised Neverland is a traditional instance of an ENFJ villain. A uncommon combination of each good and evil qualities, Mother believes she has no different selection however to lift the orphans to the most effective of her potential – though the orphanage has darkish and sinister plans. Her motivations and emotions are sometimes hidden beneath her composed, caring facade. On the floor, Mother seems motherly and loving, however behind that masks lies a misleading ENFJ villain who has a knack for manipulation and exploitation. Her potential to learn into individuals’s emotions shortly earns her their belief, and her pure allure and charisma make it straightforward for her to regulate the scenario. Her ENFJ persona sort is what makes her a harmful rival – she is intelligent, calculating, and empathic. You need to like her. And certainly, it’s nearly onerous to categorise her as a real villain when one seems at her dire scenario. However finally she is somebody who can’t be trusted and should at all times be saved at arm’s size.

Seidou Takizawa (Tokyo Ghoul) – ESTJ

ESTJ Seidou Takizawa from Tokyo Ghoul

“Whenever you understand your personal future’s gone to s**t, all you may have left is to stay for another person.” – Seidou Takizawa

Straight-forward and earnest, Takizawa is the right instance of an ESTJ villain. He respects authority, rank, and accountability. Previous to his transformation, he was the right soldier and adopted orders to the letter. His best worth is honor, and he’s dedicated to performing his responsibility in an admirable manner – even when he’s afraid. After Takizawa transforms right into a ghoul, he embraces the darkish facet of his persona. Reasonably than residing with honor, he loses respect for human life and resorts to violence to get what he needs. Takizawa’s ESTJ traits make him a terrifying villain due to his power of will and the outpouring of his repressed emotions of inferiority and sensitivity. He by no means wavers in his goal, even when it means taking excessive measures. Takizawa’s ruthless character makes him probably the most harmful villains in anime – an ideal instance of an ESTJ “dangerous man.”

Dio Brando (JoJo’s Weird Journey) – ENTJ

ENTJ Dio Brando

“The extra rigorously you scheme, the extra sudden occasions come alongside.” – Dio Brando

The epitome of an ENTJ villain, Dio Brando is a grasp manipulator that can do something to attain his targets. His ambition and drive are unparalleled, and he has no drawback utilizing any means essential to get what he needs. He’s conceited, calculating, and ruthless – but in addition very smart and bold. In typical ENTJ trend, Dio is a visionary who can suppose a number of steps forward of his opponents and give you intricate plans that can lead him to success. He doesn’t let something stand in the way in which of his goals – not even morality or human life. His ENTJ persona sort makes him a formidable opponent, one who received’t quit with no struggle.

Bertholdt Hoover (Assault on Titan) – ISFJ

ISFJ Bertholdt Hoover

“It’s True That We Deceived You However It Wasn’t All Lies! We Actually Did Assume Of You As Pals! I Know We Don’t Have The Proper To Apologize However Somebody, Please, Somebody, I’m Begging You, Somebody Discover Us!” – Bertholdt Hoover

It’s uncommon to find an ISFJ villain, so I used to be excited to get to know Bertholdt Hoover within the Assault on Titan sequence. Quiet and considerate, he struggles to deal with the double-life he’s been chosen to guide. When a disaster happens, Bertholt normally depends on the acquainted and sticks with one plan of action. It may be onerous for him to adapt his views, in comparison with Reiner’s extra versatile perspective; but he at all times stays targeted on reaching his purpose. On the similar time, he feels compassionately in direction of others even when he is aware of they’re on reverse sides. He’s adept at recognizing the views of these round him whereas steadfastly adhering to his personal thought of what serves humanity finest. He continuously analyzes conditions by way of what’s finest for the entire moderately than the person, and he’s capable of intellectually perceive his “enemies” whereas nonetheless preventing them. He inevitably states, “That’s proper, no person is incorrect. There’s nothing we may do. As a result of this world is simply that merciless.”

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Sosuke Aizen (Bleach) – INFJ

INFJ Sosuke Aizen from Bleach

“Yhwach. You desired a world… The place worry would now not be a burden. However… In a world with out worry of dying… Individuals won’t ever attain the hope that’s to be discovered from casting their fears apart and preserving by way of them. Whereas it’s true that folks can proceed to press ahead by way of the easy act of residing… That’s no manner corresponding to marching ahead within the face of dying, whereas doing their damnedest to maintain it at bay. That’s the reason… That’s the reason individuals have on condition that very march a singular and particular identify. “COURAGE.” – Sosuke Aizen

If INFJ qualities have been captured in a villain, it will be Sosuke Aizen from Bleach. He’s a grasp manipulator with a darkish agenda. He needs to develop into the brand new Soul King, and can do something to attain his purpose. He’s extremely intuitive and at all times appears to know what others are pondering. He notices and interprets refined cues that nobody else does, permitting him to remain a number of steps forward of his adversaries. I typed Sosuke as INFJ due to his expertise at emotional studying and manipulation. This can be a talent that unhealthy INFJs can grasp with ease. At their worst, INFJs can develop into so absorbed in their very own worldview that they’re prepared to do something to make it a actuality, even on the expense of others. They’re additionally extremely adept at studying peoples’ emotional cues, which Aizen makes use of to his benefit in his methods. In typical INFJ trend, he could be a social chameleon, mixing in with any surroundings and scenario in order that nobody is ever fairly positive what he’s as much as. Aizen’s scheming methods are a testomony to the facility of a villainous INFJ.

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Scar (Fullmetal Alchemist) – ISTJ

ISTJ Scar from Fullmetal Alchemist

“I’d like to listen to extra particulars about this… in between your screaming.” – Scar

Scar from Fullmetal Alchemist is a sympathetic villain who’s pushed by the ache from his previous. His predominant motivation revolves round revenge for the dying of his household, and he’ll go to any lengths mandatory to attain it. Principled, spiritual, and fiercely loyal to these he loves, ISTJ Scar is the right instance of an anime villain who has a robust sense of justice. He refuses to work with different villains and can usually abandon his allies if he doesn’t agree with their ways or targets. As is typical for an ISTJ, he could be cussed and severe but in addition sensible and arranged. He has a clear-cut ethical compass and sometimes makes selections primarily based on what he thinks is correct. Scar likes to plan out each element of his actions, hardly ever leaving something to likelihood. However Scar’s best power is his potential to remain calm and picked up within the face of hazard, utilizing his planning expertise and rational pondering to get out of any scenario. He is aware of that if he permits himself to succumb to emotion, it would solely lead him astray from his final purpose.

Father (Fullmetal Alchemist) – INTJ

INTJ Father from Fullmetal Alchemist

“You may’t change actuality, simply your notion!” – Father

Father from Fullmetal Alchemist is a traditional instance of an INTJ villain. It doesn’t matter what occurs, he has his eye on the large image. He sees all the things taking place on the planet as a element that’s unimportant and solely essential if it aligns along with his imaginative and prescient. His predominant motivation revolves round reaching immortality, discovering new reality, and changing into the brand new God of the world. He’s extremely strategic and analytical, capable of learn into individuals’s intentions and exploit their weaknesses. And, as is typical for an INTJ, he organizes and controls his surroundings to make sure that it’s in step with his plans. Father might seem impassive, however behind that masks lies a robust and passionate INTJ villain who will cease at nothing to get what he needs. Masterfully weaving collectively his schemes, he strategically locations his brokers to control occasions and deceive events into doing as he needs. Though a lot of the work is left within the arms of his homunculi, it’s as much as him to attract out each final element till fruition.

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